The Nike “City” Uniforms Are Occasionally Iconic, Often a Mess

In its season-long quest to make (and sell) as many jerseys as it can after becoming the official NBA outfitter, Nike released the “City Edition” versions of each team’s uniforms on Wednesday. This addition to the uni rotation is the fourth, adding to the Association, Icon, and Statement jerseys.

The gist is that they represent aspects of the team’s locale, architecture, history, or anything else that sounds inspirational and is a cloaked way to say, “Buy these jerseys.”

The collection has some huge hits and a few misses. Here are some of the best (and worst), with commentary from our own NBA Slack, where this was a lively topic of conversation:

Three Shades of Gray

I get it. The icy north. It’s not that exciting, but then again, the Minnesota cold isn’t that thrilling either. Given the neon-green bravado of the Wolves’ Statement jerseys, this feels just about right.


Here’s where gray falls flat. The Cavs’ jerseys are already going to disappoint merely for having “The Land” on them, but this weird combination of muted gray with off-brand Pacers yellow is rough. But hey, apparently LeBron had a hand in the design. It’s a good thing Nike is making a new set of these each year, in case, well, you know.


I’m not sure the gray works here, either, but Boston gets points for incorporating the parq

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